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The LAMá ®

Folds flat, ships flat, and opens automatically!

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Wetzel Brothers is now a licensee in Marin’s International network. As an approved manufacturer, you can be sure that Wetzel Brothers has met the standards required to be a licensed LAMá vendor. You can be ensured a quality product that will last as long as you need it to in the field.

The LAMá is a patented, instant display that opens automatically into position. What’s even better is it folds down just as easy which will save you up to two-thirds your shipping expense!

There is a wide gamut of LAMá products to choose from, sizes range from counter displays to 10 foot-high columns. Shown here are just a few of the most popular displays.

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Patented by: François L'Hotel
For: Marin’s France © 2010. US Patent Number 7,159,350 www.marins.net