FTP Instructions

Using FTP software like CyberDuck (Free download for Mac OS and Windows) is the best way to upload to an FTP site.

  1. Open your Internet connection and launch your FTP client software.
  2. Use the following settings for your FTP client software:
    • Host: ftp.wetzelbrothers.com
    • User ID: Please ask your Wetzel Contact
    • Password: Please ask your Wetzel Contact
    • Directories: incoming/outgoing

Use the "PUT FILE" selection to find items on your hard drive to upload to the FTP site. OR

Use the "GET FILES" selection to download files to your hard drive.

After logging in:

  • Please create a new folder with your company name or project description.
  • Upload your files into this folder.
  • Email or call your Wetzel representative once the upload is complete.
  • Please keep a record of the files uploaded for future reference.

Please use Binhex format to send uncompressed files, and use the Raw Data format to send compressed files.

E-mailing files is not a reliable method of transferring files as they may become corrupt and often never reach their destination due to file size limits set by servers.